Our class and same other classes have bin working on Australian Animals. we all have to do info on them. I done a trout cod. I have finnshing myh one and same other kids. When we all are done we have to get into groups. The other kids have to vido you. I done very will.


The first of stember we went to Healsville sanctuary. Our class and same other class went too. We got splet in to groups I had Zoe and Jiordayne in my group. I got to school at 7.30 am and we got back at 6.00 pm we were on the bus for 2 hrous we got to whach a move on the way back I fell asleep but then Zoe wake me up. 😀 😀

song room

in song room we do so many fun things

like music games we lone to play things

song room is so fun


Hello world!

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